Discover all the rules of the game!

Ready to get in the scrum to put your mates on their back-foot ? As any cheeky prop should, you’ll need to know all of the scrum rules to maximize you efficiency ! You’ll find below the basic rules, then all of FRW playing rules, in 7 steps :

You’re the kind of person who doesn’t listen to the coach’s speech, who cannot wait to get on the pitch to play, here are the basic rules…

The basic rules

And if you’re the kind of person who tries to keep up with the ever-changing rugby laws, here are the complete FRW rules !

1. Create or join league

Do you want to start a league with friends? Find out here how to create a new one, or join one using the code shared by the creator:

2. The auction draft : Build your team

Now that your league is launched, it’s time for the funniest, but also most crucial part of the game: the auction draft ! Here are all our tips for building your team:

3. Pick your team

If you want to win, you will have to compose your team every weekend, choosing your line-up, substitutes, captain, kicker, bonus … 

4. Transfers

Throughout the league you will be able to transfer players in 2 different modes depending on the timing: Waiver and Direct. Here are all the info and specifics:

5. The scores and how they are calculated…

Now that your team is ready, and matches are on, you only need to keep up with everyone’s scores. Below are the details of the calculations: 

6. The Shop !

We thought of a few improvements to allow you to customize FRW as you please, while keeping the game absolutely fair.

7. The league ends… or not !

Do you think it’s over? Surely not! You have many possibilities to continue playing: continue, restart, new league …

Congratulations !

You made it there ! That was quite a bit of reading, wasn’t it?

Now FRW holds no secret for you!  Put your mouth-guard back on, and stay strong at all times …