3.3 Captain, Vice-captain & Kicker

Pick your team

The Captain

A great team leader is everything !

Each game-week you will have to pick a captain among your starting XV. This one will have all its points doubled (real and bonus points), he might make a real big difference on your final score.

Hence the importance of choosing your captain wisely, it’s a good way to stay competitive at all times. 

Beware : You can, if you wish, make your Kicker Captain, but in this case his free kick points won’t be doubled. Nevertheless, the choice is yours.


The Vice-captain 

You must also pick a Vice-Captain, in case the Captain cannot play, the Vice-Captain will be the one in charge and get all the Captain privileges. If none of them plays IRL, no player in your team gets his score doubled.


The Kicker

He’s the real deal, the kind of player who can also make a difference at the end of the day… You will have to pick a kicker for your team, and he will be the one and only ! In other words even if you have 3 kickers in your starting lineup, only the free kick points scored by the kicker you have chosen will count.

If he does not play, or if he did play but did not kick… We’re really sorry, it’s a shame, but that means you won’t get any points here either.