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Most popular questions about Fantasy Rugby World


I can't join a league. What am I supposed to do?

To join a league, someone you know must have created one before, and then given you the league code (Ex: 23456789). Then you go to the Fantasy tab, and click on “Join a League”, you have to enter the code at the first step and you just have to follow the instructions. If you don’t have anyone to create/join a league with (or want to be more numerous), you can go here on the Facebook group dedicated to finding leagues/players.

You have finished your Draft but your league did not start on the current championship gameweek?

To be able to play on the championship gameweek following the draft you must have finished your draft before Friday 1pm, to then be able to make your team before 2pm, the deadline to pick your team (be careful: for PROD2 it’s Thursday 2pm).

How do you change your captain/vice-captain/kicker?

In the Fantasy tab on the team composition page (always before the composition deadline), click on the desired player, then check the captain/vice-captain/kicker box.

Can I make changes during the current championship gameweek?

Once the team composition deadline has passed (Thursday or Friday 2pm), you can no longer make a change for the current championship gameweek. But you still have access to your team composition page to prepare the next gameweek’s composition.

When and at what time can I see the results?

All official results and stats are updated on Monday morning after the relevant championship gameweek (after the delivery of the last stats by Opta). But if you paid for the Premium option, or you activated the “Live score” in the Live tab, you’ll be able to see the results in progress over the weekend. All data and delivery time depend on our statistics provider Opta (Stats  Perform). They are therefore likely to arrive after the games and be modified until the final update on Monday.

Why my player who hasn't played, is not replaced by a substitute yet?

All automatic substitutions take place at the end of the gameweek after all matches have been played, during the final update on Monday morning at 6am.

How do I change my team name, league name, or profile picture?

To do this you have to go into the Fantasy tab, enter the relevant league, and then click on the Settings icon at the top right. You will then be able to make these changes, except for the name of the league which can only be changed by the creator of the league.


If I don't use my 2 free transfers, would I have 4 the following week?

No free transfers do not accumulate. So if you don’t use them, then you probably don’t need them, but you’ll still only have 2 the following week.

Can I cancel a transfer?

No, a direct transfer is automatic so you cannot cancel it. But nothing prevents you from re-transferring in the opposite direction (unless the player has been taken by someone else in the meantime), but you will use another free/costing transfer.

Why when I sell a player, I get more or less money than the price I bought?

First, no matter what bid you issued for that player, the sale price will be its basic real price. Then the price of players changes throughout the season according to their performances. In the end, the sale price will always be the actual price of the player at the time of the sale.

If I exceed the 2 free transfers, when and how are the penalty points made?

Once you have made 2 free transfers, all subsequent transfers will cost you -5 points each on the upcoming championship gameweek. You will see them in the update of the results of your match, there will be at the bonus level a box with the number of transfer penalty points (-5pts, or -10pts, or -15pts…).

Do all transfers have to be made at the same time when I use a Wild card bonus?

No. Once you’ve used your Wild card bonus, it’s active until the next team composition deadline. You can therefore make as many transfers as desired throughout the period until the next gameweek of the championship.


How are bonus points calculated?

You can find the entire points system in Article 5.2 of the rules. But to put it simply, according to the player’s statistics (transmitted by Opta) for each of the categories (tackles, meters made, offloads…) we allocate an additional number of points, depending on the degree of performance. Many categories of points are present in order to enhance all positions of a rugby team and not just serial scorers…

My players' points changed over the weekend. Why?

All bonus points depend on the data and their delivery time by our statistics provider Opta (Stats  Perform). They are therefore likely to arrive after the games and be modified until the final update on Monday.

How are player costs defined?

All player costs are calculated using an algorithm that takes into account all of the player’s stats (for each category of the point system), over all 2 past seasons and the current season. There is also a whole part of the cost that depends on the player’s international status (depending on the number of caps and the number of points with his national team). It may be that you do not agree with some values, or that for example a very good player who has been injured for a long time ends up with a very low cost compared to his level (due to the fact that he has no stats  during this period so his value drops). But like a coach, we can’t satisfy everyone, and we’ve made sure to find a middle ground, to have both a cost based on a significant long period and therefore does not vary too quickly, and at the same time value the latest performances…

How do player costs change?

As the costs are calculated according to all the player’s statistics over all 2 seasons spent AND the current season, they will inevitably evolve according to the last performances of the current season. For example, if a player gets injured, he will not play and will not have statistics, which will gradually lower his value. Conversely, if he breaks all the defenses every weekend, his cost will increase.

How is the form indicator calculated?

It is calculated on the player’s overall performance over the last 3 games of the championship (game time and number of real points and bonuses according to the stats). It is there mainly to give help at the right moment, on the current level of the player.

How does the Teammaker work?

The Teammaker is a button that, when clicked on, allows you to select  from all the players on the team, the one that is the best at each position (or the best possible combination in case of player versatility), and automatically make the substitutions in correspondence. It is calculated on the basis of the form indicator, which depends only on recent performances (3 last games).

How are the difficulty level colors defined for teams’ matches?

There are 4 levels of difficulty:

  • Black: Very difficult
  • Red: Difficult
  • Grey: Balanced
  • Green: Affordable

They are defined according to an algorithm that takes into account all the team’s results (ranking, ranking points’ number, number of W/D/L), at home and away, on the last season and the current season. They are used to help you choose your players to see if the next games they will play will be rather easy or difficult.

The championships being extremely tight between all the teams, this remains only a statistical indicator that can give a trend, but which of course can not predict the future.


How are player positions determined?

Here no subjectivity and no room for “I can’t put my fullback on the wing but he played in this position 5 years ago”. Simply put, we take all the player’s starting positions on the last season and the current season, and we accumulate all those positions to which he actually played as a starter.

My player just left his team during the season. What can I do?

It’s quite rare but it happens (during world cup for example). If he left the championship for another country (or retirement), in that case he will still be in your team but as he will not play, he will not make points. We advise you to quickly transfer him. If he has just changed teams in the same championship, it is up to you to keep him or transfer him.

One or more championship games have been cancelled or postponed. What's going on with my players?

When a match is postponed and played after the current gameweek (or cancelled), only one point will be awarded to each player of the teams involved.


Why can't I buy new bonuses?

You are only entitled to one additional bonus per league. Otherwise it would be too easy for the richest …

Do I need to make my team if I have the “AutoTeammaker”?

The AutoTeammaker will automatically select the Teammaker each gameweek, without you having to go into your app. Nevertheless, you will always be advised to choose your players by informing yourself, making transfers, using bonuses, in order to give you the maximum chance of winning.

What option to choose for the Premium offer?

It all depends on the number and length of the league you play… For a big league with friends, you are advised to take the purchase for all players, at the time of the league creation, which will only return to £1.99/player. If you have many leagues, you are advised to take the subscription or direct purchase year-round. And finally, if you want to test at first, you can take the purchase for 3 months, or test with the subscription whose first month is free and non-binding.


I can't connect. What am I supposed to do?

If you can’t remember your password, just click on “forgotten password” and we’ll send you an email with a link to create a new one. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it coming.

However, if you can’t find the email address used for registration, also make sure you didn’t use the registration by Facebook, Twitter or Apple. And if not, you can write to us via the contact form, giving us as much information as possible to find your account.

How do I change my email address or password?

Just go to the Settings tab, then to “Details” in the “Account” section, and you just have to click on the information you want to edit.

I no longer receive emails from FRW. What am I supposed to do?

Just go to the Settings tab, then to “Notifications” in the “Account” section, click on FRW, and you just have to check the mail newsletter box. If it’s already checked, then check in your spam folder.

I don't get notifications, how do I set them up?

First, you need to go to the Settings tab, then to “Notifications” in the “Account” section, choose the media you want, and you just have to check the boxes dedicated to the requested notifications.

Then, to receive them directly in the phone outside the app, you need to have accepted notification permission after downloading the app, or you need to do so later by going to your phone’s settings.

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