3.4 Match bonus

Pick your team

In order to spice up your chats with your opponents, we thought we’d offer you a few explosive bonuses! But you won’t be allowed to overuse them ! As we said, FRW is meant to be based on actual performances and stay as realistic as possible, we don’t want to get lost in fantasyland.

Under the line-up and subs selection, you can pick a bonus if you wish (you don’t have to).

Your opponent won’t know you used one until the final results are published on Monday morning, unless they activated the Live Score.

You can only use one bonus per game, and it will apply only to your starting XV, not to your subs.


The double captain :

Your player gave his all on the pitch, and he’s now rewarded with a second captain armband !

Consequently, his points will be doubled (except free kick points). .


The 16th man :

While the referee was looking away, one of your subs sneaked onto the field and your team plays at 16 on the pitch !

Choose your “16th player” among your subs and we will add his points to the 15 other players’ score.

Beware : This 16th man will not be able to replace a  player from your starting XV at the same time !