3.2 Substitutes

Pick your team

As in any rugby match, things get physical and bodies get strained, it is paramount that you can count on your 8 subs to relieve your squad when they back down :

• 1 hooker,
• 2 props,
• 2 locks or flankers or number eight,
• 3 back players.

The selection mode is the same as for the starting XV.

Why are they here for ?

They are your back-up players. If one of your starting lineup players does not play with his team IRL, he will automatically be replaced by the first substitute playing the same position on the bench.

Specific cases  :

• If your starting player has not played and there is no substitute who can play the same position on the bench : your player will not be replaced, no points for you.

• If several players must be replaced but there are not enough subs: replacements will be made following jersey numbers order.

Example : 4 and 5 do not play, there is only one second line substitute (n ° 19) on you match sheet, automatically number 4 will be replaced by number 19 and number 5 will not be replaced and will score 0 point.

• If your starting player has not played much (or really badly) and your substitute on the other hand has smashed it…unfortunately, there will be nothing we can do for you. To err is human…