3.1 The starting line-up

Pick your team

Now that you know when all the matches (H-A) against every league member will be scheduled, it’s already time to choose your first formation, to beat the first person who dares to compete with you. Each match corresponds to a real game-week of the championship (English League, TOP14, Champions Cup, PROD2). 

NB: For the Champions Cup, it will be over 6 game-weeks consisting of 4 group matches + the two ¼ finals round-trip. 

You have until Friday 2 p.m. (Thursday 1 p.m GMT for French PRO D2) to choose your formation, so it is set before the next championship match. And if you are wondering why the deadline isn’t the first match kick-off (usually on Saturday afternoon), it’s because that would have made the game too easy. Remember, your goal is to become the greatest coach, so it’s up to you to choose wisely your players and your starting XV … 

Now up to you to pick your starting line-up, clicking on the « Fantasy » tab. Then click on the desired league, you’ll get directly to the «  Pick your team » page.

 On the “Squad” view, you only need to click on each player to open his profile and check out his main stats (click on “Full Profile” to see more), you can decide to swap him with another player by clicking on “Replace” or just close the profile to save your pick.

By clicking on the “List” tab on the top right, you can do the same thing with a table, which will allow you to compare all of your players live stats and choose your lineup accordingly. 

Every single line-up change you make will automatically be saved. Your team will also stay exactly as you left it for the next championship game-week, it will remain as such until you decide (or not) to make some changes.