2.2 Hints & tips

The auction draft : Build your team

FRW is not for rugby specialists only, here are some tips most of you may benefit from :

• Team Cohesiveness :

We all want to get a grip on the best players, they are, indeed, crucial to make a difference. But if you want to maximize your chances to win, you need to create an even squad, with a few legends, some great players, a majority of less famous guys who nevertheless are decent starters, and a few subs/benchers or promising young players…

« You’re better off with 15 players worth 5 points, than 5 players worth 10 points, and the remaining 10 worth 0… »

• Transfers et bonuses :

Relax ! If a player of yours gets injured, or summoned to his national team for the whole  VI nations championship duration, you can organize transfers, and you may also use some of the bonuses designed to help you to improve your team (see articles 3.4 and 4.3).

• Remaining budget :

Reminder : participants are granted £15M to build their teams. If you have not spent everything doing so, the remaining sum can be used during the next transfer window (see article 4.4).

• Visual :

As for every game step, you can have an overview of your team, either in “field view” mode (more comprehensive and representative), or in “list” mode (more detailed to read the stats).