2.1 Auction Draft

The auction draft : Build your team

Before you say anything … an auction draft is not really part of rugby’s culture, isnt’it ? We do know that.  But we needed a fair way for everyone to create their squad quickly, and determine which participant would get which player on their team…

Every participant gets a £ 15 000 000 budget to build their squad (all championships’ chairmen envy you already!).
Beware : A player can only belong to one team within a league, so you have to bid on the players you wish to buy, and hope you outbid everyone else.

• Number of player :

15 players on the line-up
(1 hooker, 2 props, 2 locks, 2 flankers, 1 number eight, 1 scrum-half, 1 fly-half, 2 centres, 2 wings and 1 fullback)

8 substitutes
(1 hooker, 2 props, 2 locks or flankers or number eight, and 3 back players).

• Limit by team :

Maximum 4 players by each team of the championship.

• Player assignment :

The participant with the highest bid on a player wins him on their team, but the auction outcome is only revealed at the end of each draft round, after everyone has made all their bids.
If there is a tie between several bids on the same player, the participants tied for the highest bids get a new draft round, and if they do not bid on said player during this round, he will be  available for the next round.

• Budget :

So you are on a £20M budget to buy 23 players, no more, no less, and they‘re all worth different values. You cannot go into debt or be overdraft, you have to stay within budget. So you’ll have to choose the most clever mix of superstars and cheaper players. The ideal time to surprise your opponents with some promising young lads you just read about.

• Player’s value :

A player’s value is calculated by the FRW team (considering his performances, if he plays in a national team or not, if he is a regular player or an infirmary squatter, and how often he passes the ball to the assistant referee).
We apologize in advance if your favourite player is undervalued. Given that 67 million different price estimations would have been given if we’d asked, we decided to assume responsibility for our calculations.

• Draft rounds :

The Auction draft lasts between 1 and X rounds, until all participants have built a team of 23 players (again, no more, no less). All players won in an auction round cannot be swapped during the following rounds. The auction draft stops when all participants have a proper match sheet ready..

• End:

The draft deadline is Friday 1 p.m. (GMT) every week, so your squad can participate to the weekend’s game-week.