1.2 Join a league

Create and join a league

Open the “Fantasy” menu and click on “Join a league”, then fill in the required information :

Step 1 : The league

• League code : enter the 10 digits code sent by your friend (the league’s creator). Ex: 9876543210


Step 2 : The Team

• Team name : Make up a name for your squad ! Example: ” London Crusaders “

• Team logo : choose a FRW logo or upload your photo directly from your phone or your social network.

Beware : it is strictly forbidden to use a copyrighted image, a trademark logo, or any inappropriate picture ( racist, indecent, offensive…)

NB : If you registered via a social media linked to FRW , your profile picture will be automatically associated to your team (but you can still change it).

Step 3 : The options

• None : the normal mode is free

• Premium : £9,99 / £2,99 / £0,99 / month

The “Premium” option has two advantages: the whole game becomes absolutely ad free, and the Live Score is automatically activated, available without having to watch any commercial (see article 6.1)

You can either :
– Buy it for 3 months for £2.99
– Buy it for a year for £9.99
– Get a monthly subscription without time commitment for £0.99 per month ( after 1 month free trial )

NB: Non applicable if the league’s creator already got the “Premium for all” option.

Click on « Validate » and… Here we go ! Welcome to Twickenham, Ladies & Gentlemen ! Sharpen your spikes ! Off to the « Crunch » !