The basic rules

You’re the kind of person who doesn’t listen to the coach’s speech, who cannot wait to get on the pitch to play, here are the basic rules

Let’s be honest, Fantasy Rugby World’s aim is, in a nutshell, to beat your mates and brag on Monday mornings.

Every week-end, you’ll challenge someone to a fantasy rugby match, whose outcome will depend on the actual championships players performances (provided by OPTA).
Here are FRW basics (if you’re a perfectionist, the complete and detailed playing rules will be given hereafter) : 

1/ League creation

Create your league, gathering 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 friends and/or colleagues, no need for them to be rugby players!  Now is your time to use this rugby expertise of yours against football enthusiasts, who might have a leg up, for most of them are already familiar with this type of game.

You can also meet new friends to round-up your league, so you’ll be ready to start the FRW season in optimum conditions. (A season may last between 2 months and the whole rugby season, depending on the number of participants, and the parameters you have set up.).

2/ The Auction draft

The game starts with an auction draft: every participant has a £15 million budget to buy players for their team. The aim being, for each one of you,  to build a solid 23 players squad , with legends, safe bets, and maybe a few bottlers when you happen to run out of money …
The auction draft will last between a few hours and a few days, depending on how responsive everyone in your league is.

3/ The championship starts

FRW is ready to start: each real championship game-week corresponds to a FRW game-week, during which you’ll face one of your mates (twice: Home and Away). The winner will be the one whose team players have scored most points in total (using players performances IRL during the week-end matches, and actual game stats to calculate the bonuses).

Beside a few bonuses, to slightly boost your score, the game is meant to stay as realistic as can be. Your goal is to become the best Rugby Team Manager, to turn into the very person you usually cheer or despise when you’re watching a match on TV!

4/ The Championship goes on

As the championship goes on, you and your friends will rank up or down in the league.
Again, your points are awarded as in the actual championship

(Victory = 4 points / Draw = 2pts / Defeat = 0pt / TB = 1pt / LB = 1pt).

If one of your team players happens to suffer a long term-injury, you will be able to organise transfers every day, so you can find a substitute.
The transfer can happen if, and only if, the chosen substitute doesn’t already belong to another team (within your league), and obviously, if you can afford to sign him.

Worried you might get addicted ? Don’t be ! Even if you do, FRW won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time per week, plus an hour or so, at the beginning, to focus on your team creation.
Purists might want to spend a few extra hours on the game, to make sure they can tease their mates at the pub every Sunday …  but fear not! Everyone can triumph, even the neophyte who believes stamping is only related to the Royal Mail.

We’ve done everything we could to help you as much as possible, and allow you to improve your FRW skills week after week.

Crouch ! Bind ! Set !