6.4 Auto-Teammaker

The Shop !

Fantasy Rugby World is also a game for beginners who don’t know much about rugby. So for this reason, we tried to find a method to create the optimal starting line-up.

We created a skill named “Form” and it will be based solely on players performances during the last 3 games. “Teammaker” is an option which allows to choose among all the player of your team, the best players with big stats and make automatically the best combination (with substitutions) to play versus your friends inside your own league.

So, for those who really like it, and / or those who always forget to make their team, you can purchase the “Auto-Teammaker” in the Shop. This will automatically select you a team each week, without you having to change it yourself.

To purchase this option, you can either:

–       Buy it of a league for  £1,99

–       Buy it for all leagues for a year for £3,99

–       Get a non-biding monthy subscription (1st trial month for free) for : £0,49/ month

BEWARE: We aren’t psychics and we can’t guess what the real games starting line-ups will be. “Teammaker” was made to help beginners or players who can’t waste their time focusing on FRW every day. This option will choose for you and sometimes it may help you to win a match up.