4.2 Transfer bonus


Once again, we thought about participants having a hard time managing their squad: we’ve got you covered with a few bonuses …

Before you finalize your transfer request, you can, if you wish, select an (optional) bonus. You can only use one per championship game-week, and their number is limited. 

The Medical Joker :

Sometimes the spell hits you and many players find themselves injured, at rest or in selection at the same time, especially during international competitions. Relax, we offer you the possibility of making an additional free transfer thanks to the “Medical Joker”.

Important: the “Medical Joker” bonus must be selected when finalizing one of your transfers (minimum 3 otherwise it is useless), in order to avoid that -5 points are withdrawn from you in total for the day.

The Wild Card :

Still struggling at the very bottom of your league ? This bonus has been created for jinxed squads, whether your progress is slowed down by disastrous performances or an injury accumulation.

Once in the season, we give you carte blanche, you can exceptionally change your whole team, and it won’t cost you a single point !

We really advise you to think your timing through to chose when you’ll play this card, you only get one shot …