4.3 Budget & bank 


Whatever transfer you have requested, you must always stay within budget. If you have not spent all your money during the initial auction draft, it will be safely kept in the « bank » for you.

Then, after a transfer, the money earned when selling a player will be added to your bank balance. This might help you make some (much needed) extra cash.

Example :

• I bought Aaron Morris for k£1020 during the auction draft
• Mid-season comes, I decide to sell him. His season is’nt going has planned so far, he got injured a few times… His worth is now down to k£940.
• In my « bank » I still own k£120, that I saved after the auction draft and previous transfers.
• Therefore I can swap him with a player worth k£1060 (940+120) max. If the player I want to get is cheaper than that (example: k£490), I’ll save the remaining sum in the « bank» (1060 – 490 = 570).

Players’ values are automatically updated after every game-week.

They depend on many parameters, mainly the player current season’s stats, but also his previous season’s stats, his status (international, pro, rookie, prospect), his physical shape (if he’s injured his value decreases).

Once again, the FRW player values might not match your own estimations, but we’ll do our best so they seem accurate to most participants.