5.1 Live results

The results and how they are calculated…

To enjoy FRW better, we highly recommend that you double the fun by watching the matches with your mates (home, at the pub, in the stadium). Anything goes, you’re even allowed to hit below the belt. You’ll also be able to interact with each other, and us, via FRW social media (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)

Keep up with the score by clicking on « Live » at the bottom of the screen.

On the first page you’ll find all your league’s matches Live scores. You can check out your players’ live performances, and all your league’s team scores. At the beginning, only real points (tries, penalties, conversions, drops) are recorded and visible live as the match goes. 

To have a look at your bonus points live, you either need to activate Live Score (for 12 hours) by watching an ad, or buy the Premium option (see article 6) which activates Live Score with no ads, and no time limit.

You can also wait until Monday morning to discover all updated final scores.

Once Live is activated, click on the desired league match (swipe left to scroll through the other results), to get precise match details. You can see the live results of your players as well as those of all the teams in your league.

NB: The “Min. remaining” bar corresponds to the total number of minutes remaining to be played by your 15 starting players. For example: it is Saturday morning, and 2 of your players played on Friday, so there will be 1040 min / 1200 (13 players x 80min / 15 players x 80min).

By clicking on the desired championship tab, you can also check out all of its current matches live scores.