5.4 The final ranking

The results and how they are calculated…

The final ranking will also depend on the type of league you have chosen :

Normal :

The number of game-weeks in the league corresponds to a phase of home and away matches against each one of the other participants in the league. So the league duration depends on the number of participants.

Example for a 6-a-side league : You will play 2 matches against the 5 other participants,  that’s 10 championship days in total

The winner is the person who ranks first after all of the league matches (H-A) have been played .If the championship ends before you could play all of your leagues’ matches, the winner will be the person who ranks first on the last day of the championship .

Baring in mind that, you can still extend your league if you wish , and then play the same number of matches home and away (see article 7).

Playoffs :

You’ll be playing all championship game-weeks, from the creation of the league until the end of the season.

The last two game-weeks of the championship (ex: GW21 and GW22 in English League), final phases (playoffs) will occur , involving your league’s top 4 teams.

Semi finals will occur on the second to last championship day  :

– 1st vs 4th
– 2nd vs 3rd

And finals on the last day :

– Final : the semi-finals winners compete against each other
– 3rd place match : the semi-finals losers compete against each other

Specificities :

• If you are only 2 in the league, you will only play a final on the last gameweek of the championship
• If you are in the Champions Cup, you will only play a final in the return quarterfinal (see table of the number of matches by type of league in article 1.1)