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The end of the league…or not!

If you carry on with your league, you’ll play another serie of matches (home-away) against the same teams, and using the same ranking system.

Example for a 6-a-side league : You just played 10 championships days, you can now add 10 more wonderful days to your championship (anything can happen, it’s not over until the fat lady sings !).

Bonus: New match bonuses will be given to all players. On the other hand, only the last player of the ranking will be entitled to transfer bonuses, to give him better chances.

Baring in mind that the league necessarily stops when the championship ends (after the regular phase), in this case only, your final scores will be affected, and the final ranking will be your ranking on the last championship regular game-week.

Example : you decide to keep going in April while you’ve chosen to play the English League, so you play 4 more matches only and that’s it, as the regular season ends, so does your league.