6.2 Premium

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The “Premium” option has many advantages: no more ads, and the Live Score automatically activated, available without having to watch any adverts.

First, the whole game becomes absolutely ad free (no banners, no pop-ups, no videos). Maybe this will help you resist the urge to buy another pair of sneakers!

Adding to that, you can have a look at all live scores: keep up to date with all of your league’s scores (real AND bonus points), with no adverts or time limit.

No need to wait until Monday morning anymore, you’ll have all your punchlines ready for when your mates try to give you trash talk. 

You can either :

        Buy it for 3 months for £2.99

         Buy it for a year for £9.99 

         Get a non-biding monthly subscribtion for £ 0.99 per month ( after a 1 month free trial )

         Offer it to everybody in your league at its creation, for the entire duration of the league, for £1.99  per person. For example, if you are in a 4-a-side league: you’ll pay £ 7.96 and everyone, yourself included, will get the “Premium for all ” option.