Bookies Bonuses: Fantasy Sports Has Huge Role in Future of Betting

May 28, 2021

Fantasy Rugby World has partnered with the bookmaker comparison site, BookiesBonuses.com, and the Stockholm-based affiliate believes that fantasy sports will continue to grow as part of the online gambling ecosystem.


On BookiesBonuses.com, there are reviews for a wide range of betting sites and betting offers across multiple countries, as well as full lists and guides on the best bookmakers and promotions on the market.

The brand is one of many websites in the Leadstar Media portfolio, and project leader Ben Smith thinks fantasy sports can become even more prominent not only as a standalone hobby, but within the betting space too.

“Products like Fantasy Rugby World are a terrific alternative to conventional betting for lots of people,” said Smith.

“For many, it is more about competing with friends than trying to beat the bookies. It’s the season-long grind of Fantasy Rugby World that makes it so satisfying for users to play.

“The beauty of it is that you can compete just for bragging rights with your friends, or introduce prize pools between the group. There are no barriers to entry as long as you all know the sport.”


Fantasy leagues and contests remain a big part of the sports culture in the United States even though more standard sportsbooks are being introduced in various states in which online gambling has been legalised.

Some of the brands that previously focused solely on fantasy in the US are now implementing sports betting as part of their offering, but the same can also be said for the other way around, says Smith.

“Quite a few European betting sites now have a fantasy sports section, so the demand is definitely there and it’s growing,” he claimed.

“Whether it’s season-long competitions like Fantasy Rugby World, or daily contests for other sports, people clearly enjoy the unique strategy element that comes along with it, perhaps more so than regular betting.

“We’re excited to see the continued success of Fantasy Rugby World, and there’s no doubt it can play a huge role in the overall popularity of this type of gaming.”

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